Self-Directed Support

Kyabra is a host provider for people with disabilities and families who wish to self-direct their funding.

A little bit about self-directed funding - what can we do for you

Self-directed funding is based on the belief that people with disabilities and their families are best placed to make the decisions that impact on their lives.

By choosing to self-direct  their funds, individuals and families make the key decisions about how their funding is used to purchase supports. A family member or committed friend may direct the funds on behalf of the person requiring support.

We offer an opportunity for individuals and families  to self-direct their funding through individual hosting arrangements. This involves assistance with planning, purchasing of supports and services, and management of funding body requirements.

Kyabra provides guidance and mentoring to ensure that funding is expended in line with the person's individual support plan.

What is our aim?

To give people with disabilities and their families choice, control and stewardship over the supports that are required to live a full, meaningful life.

Contact Us

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