Reconciliation Action Plan

Kyabra Community Association has a Reconciliation Group that is developing an organisational Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our vision is for our organisation to acknowledge and respect the significance of place, culture, rights and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our community.  We hope to support social justices owed to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community by enhancing resources and identifying local strengths to promote successes.

During the year, the group has run many internal workshops to develop our understanding and to explore ways that we can promote reconciliation.

Reconciliation Week 2014 was a focus for our activities and were delighted to faciliate a range of community events throughout that week.

It is also gratifying to see that our commitment to reconciliation is reflected in much of the work we do with our community partners. This work occurs across the agency and every team is actively engaged in the reconciliation process.

We are very appreciate of the valuable contribution of local elders and to Reconciliation Australia for their support.

In the coming year, the Reconciliation Action Plan moves to the next stage where we seek broader engagement with the community. We look forward to an ongoing contribution to the vital work of reconciliation.